Getting back in business in the Indo-Pacific

Source: The Hindu Relevance: A visible shift in the USA’s Asian foreign policy towards the Indo-Pacific region will be very important for India. Synopsis: Recent visits of the top US officials to various Asian nations indicate that the USA is trying to shift its foreign policy focus away from Afghanistan & Iraq to maritime Asia… Continue reading Getting back in business in the Indo-Pacific

Making a case for Indo-Abrahamic accord

Source: Indian Express Relevance: Emergence of a new geo-political order in West Asia is providing an opportunity for India to increase its role in the region. Synopsis: Turkish president’s excessive ambitions, alienation of Israel and moderate Arabs, growing conflict with Greece and alignment with Pakistan presents India with opportunity to widen outreach to west of… Continue reading Making a case for Indo-Abrahamic accord

Gilgit-Baltistan issue – Explained, pointwise

Contents1 Introduction2 About Gilgit-Baltistan3 Implications for India4 India’s stand 5 Significance of Gilgit-Baltistan 6 Suggestions Introduction As per media reports, Pakistani authorities have finalized a law to award provisional provincial status to strategically located Gilgit-Baltistan. Under the proposed law, the Supreme Appellate Court (SAC) of Gilgit-Baltistan may be abolished and the region’s election commission is likely to… Continue reading Gilgit-Baltistan issue – Explained, pointwise