Misinformation through Feminist Lens

Source: The Hindu Relevance: Understand misinformation against women Synopsis: The Internet has empowered society,  but also created a new threat of disinformation against women. This needs a detailed analysis as a healthy democracy should empower and protect the entire society. Contents1 About the misinformation on Gender:2 Major problems:3 Examples of Feminist movements:4 Way Forward: About the… Continue reading Misinformation through Feminist Lens

Infodemic due to Top down Misinformation

Synopsis: Domestic political actors are major source of false or misleading information about the coronavirus which is concerning many Indians.  Contents1 What is infodemic, disinformation, misinformation and fake news? 2  What are the major sources of misinformation? 3 Some recent examples of widespread misinformation during pandemic: 4 Why misinformation generating from top is harmful for the society?  What is infodemic, disinformation, misinformation and fake news?  Misinformation… Continue reading Infodemic due to Top down Misinformation