National Disaster Response Fund

News: Central government has released calamity relief of ₹5,908 crore to seven states from the National Disaster Relief Fund. Facts: About the National Disaster Response Fund It is a fund managed by the Central Government for meeting the expenses for emergency response, relief and rehabilitation due to any threatening disaster situation or disaster. Background National… Continue reading National Disaster Response Fund

NDRF to train unit to save heritage structures

News: The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has decided to come up with a specialized unit in each battalion to help preserve monuments and other heritage structure in pre and post disaster scenarios. Facts: About National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) The NDRF is a specialised force constituted for the purpose of specialist response to a… Continue reading NDRF to train unit to save heritage structures

Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS)

News:Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan(NYKS) in collaboration with National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) will train Disaster Response Teams(DRTs) of NYKS Youth Volunteers for Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR). Facts: Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan: Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan(NYKS) was set up in the year 1987-88 as an autonomous organization.It works under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. NYKS is… Continue reading Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS)