Tarang Shakti Exercise 2024

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Source- This post on Tarang Shakti Exercise is based on the article “India to host its first multinational air exercise Tarang Shakti in August” published in “The Hindu” on 17th May 2024.

Why in the News?

India will host its first multinational air exercise Tarang Shakti 2024 in August.

About Tarang Shakti Exercise 2024

Exercise Tarang Shakti
Source: The Hindu
Aspects Description
AboutIt is the Indian Air Force’s first multinational air exercise which will be held in August.
Participating Nations1. Ten countries will be participating in the exercise. In addition to this, few others would be acting as observers.
2. Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States will be sending contingents.
3. Germany will deploy fighter jets and also an A-400M transport aircraft.
ObjectivesThe plan is to invite friendly foreign countries with whom the IAF interacts regularly and has a certain degree of interoperability.
What will happen during the exercise1. The exercise is now planned to take place in two phases.
2. The first phase will occur in southern India during the first two weeks of August, and the second phase will be in the western sector from late August to mid-September.
3. Some countries will participate in both phases, while others will join only one of the two phases.

About Red Flag exercise

Aspects Description
About1. Red Flag is an air combat exercise conducted with multiple scenarios designed to provide realistic combat settings.
2. It is the Second edition of Red Flag this year.
3. Red Flag is conducted four times annually by the USAF.
Hosted byU.S. Air Force (USAF)
Held atEielson Air Force Base, Alaska
Parcipating ForceIndian Air Force (IAF), Singapore Air Force, U.K.’s Royal Air Force, Royal Netherlands Air Force and German Luftwaffe
What will happen during the exercise1. Air combat exercise with multiple realistic combat scenarios
Forces divided into two groups:
2. Red Force:It will simulates air defence elements
3. Blue Force: It will simulates offensive composite elements
4. In this edition, the Red Force comprised mainly of the USAF Aggressor Squadron, flying F-16 and F-15 aircraft.

UPSC Syllabus: Defence Exercise

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