U.K. law secures rights of Sikhs to carry kirpans

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  1. The U.K. government has passed an amendment under the Offensive Weapons Bill.The amendment will allow Sikhs to own a longer ‘kirpan’(dagger) and use it during religious and cultural functions.
  2. The Offensive Weapons Act covers new offences around possession of certain offensive weapons in public and enforces new restrictions on the online sales of bladed articles and corrosive products in an attempt to crackdown on rising knife and acid-related attacks in the country.
  3. The bill had been amended to ensure that it would not impact the right of the British Sikh community to possess and supply kirpans or religious swords.
  4. Large kirpans with blades over 50 cm are used by the Sikh community during religious ceremonies in gurdwaras as well as for ceremonies involving the traditional Sikh Gatka martial art.


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