UPSC IAS Interviews 2022 | State Based Questions | Arunachal Pradesh State

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Dear Friends,

In this post, we are releasing the state-based questions of Arunachal Pradesh state for UPSC IAS interviews 2022.

This post is a part of our series of state-based UPSC IAS interview questions. In this series, we are going to create state-specific posts, containing the questions that have been asked in the interviews on the basis of the home state of the candidate, mentioned in DAF.

You can take hints for your own interview preparation, from the type of questions asked.

State-based UPSC IAS interview questions for Arunachal Pradesh state

History-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. What is the ancient significance/association of present day Arunachal with the Vedic times?  Tell us about Chutia kingdom ?
  2. Which are Tani tribes of AP?
  3. Tell us about kingdom of Tibet and Arunachal relationship?
  4. Do you remember any freedom fighter from Arunachal? Any significant event of the freedom struggle in and around AP?
  5. When did AP get its statehood and how?

Art and Culture-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Can you brief us about the cultural history of AP?
  2. Tell us about festivals of AP where animal sacrifice is still done as a ritual
  3. Tell us about traditional languages of AP?
  4. There are three cultural groups in AP. Name any one and tell me about their traditions and customs.
  5. What do you know about the Ziro festival? Which tribe is involved in the hosting of this festival at Ziro?
  6. Which is Folk dance of AP?
  7. Tawang monastery is the largest monastery in India. Can you tell us about is main features/significance. Religious significance.
  8. What is Theravada Buddhism? It is prevalent in AP. Name one monastery.

Politics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. When was Arunachal Pradesh formed?
  2. Supreme Court in 2016 had said, “Governor not ‘guide’ or ‘mentor’ to assembly speaker”. What was the political crisis? Do you agree with the SC verdict?
  3. Who was the first CM of AP?
  4. So much money is spent on opinion and exit polls. There is no value in them except for entertainment purposes.What is your view?
  5. What is Police commissioner system and its effectiveness?
  6. What will be your top 2 priorities as chief secretary of AP?
  7. What is McMahon line?How has it become cause of dispute between Indochina?
  8. Tell us about insurgency in AP?

Economics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Why Manufacturing and Service sector is not developed in AP?
  2. What steps have been taken by the state government for the betterment of the Industry sector?
  3. What type of industries are more suitable to AP?
  4. The economy of AP is largely agro-based. What do you think are the challenges of agriculture in the state?
  5. AP has ramped up its hydropower potential. What have been the state policies towards the generation of hydropower?
  6. Tell us about horticulture and fruit orchards?
  7. What is terrace farming? Which crops are grown in terrace farming?
  8. What is the ‘Operation Green Scheme TOP to TOTAL’?
  9. Tell us about few hits and misses of the recent state budget.
  10. Does AP come under special category status? If yes, what are the advantages?

Social issues based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. What are the major tribes of AP?
  2. Why according to you the state has a low literacy rate ?
  3. Unemployment is a major problem amongst the various tribal communities. If you are working as an administrator in such area, what steps will you take to generate gainful employment?
  4. What are various issues of women and children in AP? Give its solutions?
  5. What is your opinion on discrimination against north eastern people in mainland?
  6. AP and Bhutan social relationship?

Geography and Environment-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. AP is surrounded by how many states/Countries?
  2. Which are main rivers of AP?
  3. Major Environmental issues faced by AP?
  4. What are the reasons for flood in AP?
  5. How can we prevent it?
  6. Name the national parks located in Ap?
  7. What are some of the flora and faunal species found in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh?
  8. The Forest Report 2019 had highlighted that the forest cover in the NE states is on a decline. What do you think could be the two main reasons?
  9. Reason of frequent episodes of landslides in AP? How can technology be used to alleviate the disaster losses?

Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. What is the situation of Tourism in AP?
  2. If I want to travel to AP what places would you suggest?
  3. Tell us about the problems your district is facing? As a DM how will you handle these problems?
  4. What is foot and mouth disease?
  5. What were the various initiatives taken by the state to contain the infection rates of COVID pandemic?

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