UPSC IAS Interviews 2022 | State Based Questions | Andhra Pradesh State

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In this post, we are releasing the state-based questions of Andhra Pradesh state for UPSC IAS interviews 2022.

This post is a part of our series of state-based UPSC IAS interview questions. In this series, we are going to create state-specific posts, containing the questions that have been asked in the interviews on the basis of the home state of the candidate, mentioned in DAF.

You can take hints for your own interview preparation, from the type of questions asked.

State-based UPSC IAS interview questions for Andhra Pradesh state

History-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Enlist famous dynasties of Andhra Pradesh ?
  2. What led to the decline of the Kakatiya dynasty? Can you tell us what is Mission Kakatiya?
  3. Which dynasty was also known as the Andhras? Name their famous ruler.
  4. Name few famous personalities from AP who made significant contribution to India’s Freedom Movement.
  5. Which Mahajanpada is associated with the present day Andhra?
  6. Who founded the Vijayanagar Empire?
  7. How did Hyderabad integrate into the Indian Union? What was the name of the operation?
  8. What were the causes of the Rampa Rebellion?
  9. Can you name any famous port of the past in Andhra Pradesh which had connections with the Roman empire?
  10. Which ruler actually built the Tirumala Temple?

Art and Culture-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Tell us cultural history of AP?
  2. Tell us about Amravati school art? How does it differ from the Gandhara school?
  3. Do you know any places associated with Buddhism in AP?
  4. What is a special feature of the Kuchipudi dance?
  5. Handicrafts are very famous in AP. Can you name few?
  6. Can you name few GI products from AP?
  7. Can you tell me one peculiar characteristic of the Lepakshi paintings?
  8. Who built the Golconda Fort and to which dynasty does it belong?
  9. When we think of Hyderabad, food automatically comes to mind. What are some special cuisines of Hyderabad?
  10. Lac industry is quite popular in Vishakhapatnam. Can you name a famous artefact made out of lac?
  11. Why are Andhra Spices and Pickles so famous?
  12. The marriages in Andhra are said to be very grand and pompous. Do you support such marriages?

Politics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Is the administration of Andhra better after 8 years of bifurcation?
  2. Tell us about cantonments system of governance?
  3. What do you think about the idea of a state having three capitals?
  4. What is the relevance of the Legislative Council in Andhra? Does it have any substantial power?
  5. What will be your top 2 priorities as chief secretary of AP?
  6. Tell us about Potti Sriramulu? His contribution to Andhra politics?
  7. Andhra has a strong network of SHGs compared to the other states. Reasons?
  8. While AP was the first linguistically formed state while Telangana is the most recently formed state on economic basis? Do you think there should be criteria set up so that the demand for a state is not politicized?
  9. Tell us about the DISHA act.
  10. Last year when there was an encounter of an alleged culprit, most people in AP came in support of that encounter. What is your view on that?
  11. How different is the YSR Aarogyasri scheme from Jan arogya yojana?
  12. There was an app which was launched to curb use of alcohol and money in local body elections. What is that app? Have you used it?
  13. What was the issue between Judiciary and the CM of AP? What are the legal/constitutional options available in such kind of stalemate?

Economics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Why AP is called as “Rice bowl of India’?
  2. What steps have been taken by the state government for the betterment of the fishery sector?
  3. Tell us about AP and Blue revolution?
  4. What is your opinion on the Vizag steel plant privatisation?
  5. AP has been attracting good industrial investment. Do you know any salient features of AP Industrial Policy?
  6. What is the significance of the Polavaram project? What do you mean by Lift irrigation?
  7. Do you think Andhra is a poor state? Reasons.
  8. Which important minerals are found in Andhra?
  9. Are you aware of the Defense and MSME collaboration in Hyderabad? What are some lacunae in collaboration?
  10. What steps can be taken to resolve traffic problems in metro cities like Hyderabad, Warangal etc.?
  11. Do you agree with the view that Hyderabad metro is a failed experiment? If yes, reasons.
  12. There has been a spate in the number of farmers suicides in Andhra? Why? What steps has the government taken to alleviate the agrarian distress?
  13. Andhra Pradesh has been consistently ranked among the top states in Ease Doing Business. What are the contributing factors?
  14. Tell us few hits and misses of this years state budget.
  15. Reservation of jobs in private sector has been one of the plans of the new government. Don’t you think it will compromise on the quality?

Social issues based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Explain current caste structure of AP?
  2. Human trafficking in Hyderabad. Why is it so high? What should be done to tackle this?
  3. If you are working as an administrator in such area how will you prevent such atrocities?
  4. What are various issues of women and children in AP? Give its solutions?
  5. What is status of dowry and female foeticide in your area?
  6. What is your opinion on Hyderabad rape case and encounter?
  7. Is encounter is the best way for speedy justice?
  8. What is the reason for a low literacy rate of AP?

Geography and Environment-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. AP is surrounded by how many states?
  2. Which are main rivers in AP?
  3. Major Environmental issues faced by AP?
  4. What are the issues of river water distribution between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh?
  5. Why is red sanders significant/in demand? What type of forests is it found in?
  6. The population of tiger has increased in Andhra pradesh. What could be the reason?
  7. AP is frequently affected by cyclones. Reasons?
  8. Are there some special disaster management guidelines in place by the state to tackle the post disaster losses?
  9. Name a few national parks of Andhra?
  10. In the last forest survey, it was found that the forest cover had increased. What according to you is the prime reason?

Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. What is the situation of Tourism in AP?
  2. If I want to travel to AP what places would you suggest?
  3. Tell us about the problems your district is facing? As a DM how will you handle these problems?
  4. What is RAMA,BUDDHA and KRISHNA circuit?
  5. Tell us about few recent schemes of the state government.

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