[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #180 : Manoj Soni sir Board, Rajasthan Home State, Ghoomar Hobby

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Board: Manoj Soni sir
Home State: Rajasthan
Hobby: Ghoomar


  1. is it first time that you are coming to Delhi
  2. Why did you come to Delhi so early ( I came 1 month ago)
  3. What did you learn from mock interview
  4. ( My earlier answer was to attend offline mock)
  5. What did these people tell you about us
  6. ( I said that board people are very knowledgeable so don’t try to bluff ) Everyone laughed
  7. So which places you have been in Delhi
  8. Have you have street food
  9. Did you visit Chandni Chowk and paratha vali Gali
  10. How was your stay in Delhi
  11. so you are from Bharatpur.are you completely based out of Bharatpur
  12. Tell us about famous bird sanctuary
  13. Have you visited it?
  14. Your hobby conversation with strangers is very unique. Isn’t it very rare
  15. tell us any conversation where you learnt most
  16. You also have hobby of ghoomar dance so what is the theme of it
  17. Do you perform it
  18. What is the taal associated with it
  19. What are navarasa

Member 1

  1. What is quality ( categorically mentioned that you have studied from IIT Bombay so want professional answer)
  2. Tell us about Padmavati controversy
  3. How to manage violent protest
  4. If you are dm and people are protesting , burning public property.then would you use force to curtail it?

Member 2

  1. So what is historical significance of bharatpur in indian history
  2. Chairman interrupted and asked how Bharatpur rulers were able to defeat Mughals
  3. Historical significance of deeg mahal
  4. Mains crops in bharatpur
  5. Is farming in bharatpur profitable
  6. Why these actors actresses advertising product which they never use. Is it moral to do so
  7. Any actress advertising a product and simultaneously using it
  8. ( My answer was Kareena Kapoor using preganews)
  9. Everyone laughed

Member 3

  1. who is bhramkumari ( not knowing)
  2. Tell us about Gargi
  3. Gargi yajnavalika dialogue and follow up
  4. Asked about controversy in Kendriya Vidyalaya about compulsory prayer
  5. Why so many rapes in India
  6. How to ensure safety security of women
  7. If you are dm of Bharatpur then how would you make Bharatpur women safe

Member 4

  1. tell us everything which you know about marathon
  2. How did it start
  3. What did you learn from NCC
  4. What did you learn from yoga
  5. Some follow-ups


  1. We hope that you implemented your learning from mock very well here
  2. We hope that your experience here is very good
  3. Asked again that is your experience good
  4. Then, suggested that conversation with strangers is very good but proper precautions should be there otherwise it becomes dangerous
  5. Then, said stay safe healthy and enjoy in Delhi
  6. Your interview is over, Nothing from optional, engineering, no single current affairs, no general studies questions

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