[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #98 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, IPS

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Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas Sir2020
Background: Computer Engineering
Home State: Mathura, Uttar Pradesh


  1. Tell 5 things to improve tourism in Mathura.
  2. What schemes can you access for all the steps you listed.
  3. Dome defense technology.
  4. Israel India cooperation.
  5. What all areas Israel India are working together.
  6. Some more on Israel.
  7. Should we regulate social media?
  8. Is it possible to regulate social media?

Member 1

  1. Training: weightage for indoor and outdoor.
  2. Police reform for autonomy
  3. Citizens grievance against police.
  4. Have we lost on the demographic dividend?
  5. How to get the skill development.
  6. Is bureaucracy bane for democracy, which you are going to join. Think and answer.

Member 2

  1. Vehicle scrapping policy.
  2. What is the parameter for giving a fitness certificate after 15/20 years time limit?
  3. GST Compensation cess and issues related to it.
  4. What can be done?
  5. the issue related to the under-recovery of GST was there even before the pandemic.
  6. Can the compensation be reduced midway?

Member 3

  1. You are going for night operation, what technologies you can use to hide your presence at night.
  2. I said camouflaging our presence and taking cover etc, but he said can be easily detected by an IR camera.
  3. something he explained about multispectral suits which can block IR. kept explaining the same technology for 2 minutes.
  4. Administrator, Manager, Leader – what do you consider yourself among these.
  5. some discussion on this.

Member 4

  1. AMRUT scheme.

I was called suddenly and the person who came to call me asked me to run from the waiting hall to the interview hall, as the previous interview probably got over before time. So always be prepared to be called well before your slot.
it was for around 25-27 minutes.

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