[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #114 : TCA Anant Board, law Optional, running, Hindi poetry writing Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 20/4/22
Board: TCA Anant Sir
Optional: law
Work experience: with an MP for a year
Hobbies: running, Hindi poetry writing, light music, mooting


  1. Had experience of working with Parliament, asked about my experience
  2. My learnings from above
  3. Asked if private member bills can be named after people just as in US
  4. Utility of the above move

Member 1

  1. Let’s talk about interface of law and technology, elaborated a bit of this and then asked about what would be issues in automated vehicles vis a vis law.
  2. Stated some private member bill from the US and asked if I knew about it.
  3. Asked about NEP.
  4. NEP in higher education
  5. Why legal education not in NEP

Member 2

  1. AI and legal issues in it in future.
  2. What are issues in AI and judiciary (didn’t let me answer it by referring to previous question)
  3. Define what is a war criminal and if Mr. Putin would qualify as a war criminal.
  4. What are important things for writing a poem. (Writing Hindi poetry as my hobby)
  5. Again asked on legal education and how NEP would help it.
  6. Asked about legal issues in RERA, 2017

Member 3

  1. Asked about running (my hobby)
  2. How I would define running, how much did I run and how often did I run
  3. Is CBI’s functioning affecting federal structure – cross questions on its functioning.
  4. Tell me chronology of events in Pakistan.
  5. Do you think we can Pakistan is a robust democracy especially after its Supreme Court’s judgment.

Member 4

  1. Asked about formation of CBI
  2. Asked on Sharda Act
  3. What are aggravated offences
  4. Status of herbal medicines in India, it’s global share and prospects
  5. China’s share in herbal medicine.

Overall – bit of randomness in questions, but fine discussion. Most members were cordial.

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