[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #205 : TCA Anant Board, Telangana Home State, Geography Optional

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Date of Interview: 05/05 Aftrn session;1st to go
TCA Anant
Home State: Telangana
Optional: Geography
Hobbies: Cricket, walking;
Background: Suryapet; Aurobindo school; OU; JNU

*V.much pleasant+Cordial+Smiling.
Ananth sir seem so chill Surfing through mobile; Smiling in between; Nodding


  1. Where have u grown up from childhood(Siddipet dist+Hyderabad)
  2. Tell me geography of Siddipet
  3. If u r a dm of Siddipet dist what will u do
  4. You told Siddipet is semi arid how would u develop Aquaculture there

Member 1

  1. U told cooperatives they r already dev’d there(i nodded yes sir)Do u also know shg’s?
  2. What r shg’s
  3. R they linked with Banks
  4. Telangana Advantages and disadvantages in terms of geo after Bifur
  5. Tell me philosphy of aurobindo
  6. What is integral yoga and integral humanism
  7. His contribution to National movement

Member 2 (low voice;long monologues)

  1. Deepest point on earth
  2. Approx depth
  3. Currents of South china sea
  4. Covid effects on msme’s
  5. what r northern lights
  6. why do u walk?
  7. ur dad Also walks?

Member 3 (madam;cheerful)

  1. u talked about minerals of telangana do u know district mineral fund?
  2. If there is a service called All India Infrastructure devlopment service what will u do to improve infrastructure
  3. which particular crops of telangana need Cold storage facility
  4. What r ur strengths and weaknesses
  5. Qualitities Of a public servant?

Member 4

  1. Why geography as optional
  2. Advantages of remote sensing?
  3. Isro and Remote sensing links?
  4. When u came to delhi for the first time what did u notice?
  5. What places u visited here
  6. what u like most about jama masjid
  7. describe more about its architecture
  8. Do u know from where the rawmaterial came

Mocks Utility:-

One to one with Ravindran sir+vinay sir+Sachin jain sr  helped so much

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