[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #208 : TCA Anant  Board, Maharashtra Home State, Public Administration Optional

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Date of Interview: 5th May Afternoon, 5th to go
Board: TCA Anant
Home State: Maharashtra
Optional: Public Administration
Background: Metallurgical Engineering
Service: Indian Corporate Law Services 2019
1st preference IPS


Asked me to remove the mask if you are okay with it

  1. Read the Daf aloud
  2. When you were selected.. have taken extension….
  3. What is the role of ICLS..??
  4. Do ministry of corporate affairs regulate ICAI..??
  5. What is NFRA..??
  6. Relation between NFRA & ICAI..??

Member 1

  1. How to contain the China.?
  2. Apart from international pressure what are other ways to contain China.?
  3. What is the perception of people about police.?
  4. What you will do to improve people police relations.?
  5. Best community policing models..??

Member 2

  1. Was Sikkim a part of India at the time of independence..??
  2. River flowing through Sikkim..?? Some more follow up questions in Sikkim
  3. Inner line permit..??
  4. Difference between law and order and public order..??
  5. Weightlifting questions

Member 3

  1. What are the qualities required for civil servants..??
  2. Where did you exemplify these qualities..??
  3. Relations between India EU..??
  4. Which reforms would be wish to bring in policing..??
  5. As a SP which technology will you use to improve policing in your city..??

Member 4

  1. Rare earth metals, their significance..??
  2. Why India lags behind in production of rare earth material..??
  3. As you are public administration student can you guess what could be the syllabus of IIMs especially the management aspect..??
  4. Which company influenced you the most..??

Duration 25-30 min..

Thank you so much Kaptan and other group admins for all the efforts you take for UPSC fraternity

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