[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #218 : TCA Anant Board, Malayalam Literature Optional, Violin, badminton Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 05 May AN
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Malayalam Literature
Home State: Kerala
Background: CET
Hobbies: Violin, badminton

Your experience in interview-Felt average..board was cordial..Some qns were lengthy..found it difficult to address the exact demand of the qn

Utility of mocks (if any)-Boosting confidence, Knowing our strengths and weakness


  1. Read out my name
  2. What did you do in NSS
  3. 2 3 follow up Qns
  4. Why there is blood shortage in our country

Member 1

  1. Opinion on sabarimala
  2. Why there was huge protests
  3. Reasons for communism in Kerala
  4. Mention one communist leader
  5. Then something about matriarchy in Kerala

Member 2

  1. Asked about violin manufacturing company
  2. State where matriarchy is present in North east
  3. Asked the monetary figures of rbi report on COVID damage on economy
  4. Are we showing signs of recovery

Member 3

  1. Twitter controversy and opinion on social media
  2. Status of women in Kerala
  3. 2 more qns which I am not able to recollect

Member 4

  1. Asked meaning of my name
  2. Seaport near Trivandrum
  3. Comparison of vizhinjam and hambantota
  4. What measures should we take
  5. Qn on states following Kerala on SDG index


Thank you

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