[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #291 : RN Choubey Board, chemistry Optional

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Date of Interview: 20 April afternoon
RN Choubey
Optional: Chemistry
Time: 20-22 mins
DAF keywords- athletics, chemistry optional + others but baaki kisi se kuch poocha nhi


  1. My name resembles to any historical figure?( Mahabharat)
    SP of district and handling atiq ahmed case and encounter related ( counter questions on this by making stakes high)

Member 1

  1. Petrol or diesel- which is worse in terms of environment ( sorry bol Diya)
  2. Skilled or blue collar worker- which is better?
  3. Why Migrants go outside India reasons?
  4. How to stop them?

Member 2

  1. PM ujawala yojana success?
  2. NGT vs chemical industries- means envt vs industries- what to do?
  3. Liquid waste management measures?

Member 3

  1. What is government?
  2. What is governance ?
  3. DM of district – how to tackle adulturation issue in food?

Member 4

  1. 400M world record?
  2. 400m record of Milkha Singh?
  3. Why India have not been able to produce good athletes in past? And what to do?
  4. India China issues? And has India given response to China in good way or lacked?
  5. Apple store opening in India? Your say on it.

Overall experience – relaxed, enjoyed conversation and felt good after coming out. Could not have done any better from my side.

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