[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #306 : Manoj Soni Board, Commerce and accountancy Optional

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Date of Interview: 28/4/2023, Forenoon session – 2nd to go.
Board: Dr. Manoj Soni
Optional: Commerce and accountancy
DAF keywords: Commerce and accountancy, DU, IGNOU, organisation behaviour (OB), HRM Quotes.
( No current affairs, IR, security, society, home state, home town etc).


remove your mask and specs so that we can check your photo.
Would you like to continue with mask or remove it.
1) Why open university for PG?
2) what’s the difference in experience between open (PG) and regular college (UG)?
3) exam pattern.
4) ugc regulates regular university, right? So, who regulates open university?
5) hobby related quote.  when did u develop this hobby, how much, still doing?
6) happy moments for you? You are a family man, right? 🙂

Member 1

1) National motto. (satyamev jayate)
2) meaning and interpretation, from where it has been taken, how will you use it in a sentence.
2) philosophical – truth & consciousness.
3) Who am I? What is our aim?
4) Gresham law.
5) what will you tell to a group of 10-12 students w.r.t what to do when earthquake come?
6) happiness report? Is it biased? What about India?

Member 2

1) transactional analysis, types of transaction. What is a best state.?
2) psychological impact on workers in changing their behavior by organisation, is it good? + isn’t it mold their true sense?
3)tax compliance + tax collection cost?
4) how to increase compliance & reduce collection cost? Interventions.
5) Maslow need hierarchy theory? At what needs you will put Indian society?

Member 3

1)surplus resources & deficit resources in India?
2) how to ensure their optimum use?
3) is our human resource sufficient?
Should we take some from outside?
4) e marketing vs e business
5) e marketing vs traditional marketing, their scope, uses

1-2 more questions(Not able to recall now)
Chairman sir, bas bas your last question, he still continues :), offered tea/samosa/biscuits. I politely refused. He insisted, I took biscuit saying I’ll eat it afterwards 🙂

Member 4

1) judicial activism,?
2) should judiciary entrying into executive domain?
3)What is PIL? Who can file PIL?
Any guidelines) Is it judicial activism.?
4)is Indian labour the cheapest?
1 more question (not able to recall)

Again M2) 1) ekalavya & guru dinacharya, Why he acknowledge him as guru?
2) should university recognise skills w/o degree?
3)what is more imp. Skill without degree or degree by university?
4) coastal erosion, how to check it?

Thank you, I wish you all the very best. Enjoy your time in Delhi and be safe.

Keep calm, confidence & smile throughout

Overall experience – very cordial experience, neither grilling nor factual,
They are interested to know the thought process.

Utility of mock /O2O – Actual interview is quite a different experience.
Gave many mocks at reputated institutes. Good for confidence boosting and daf coverage. However, no question is repeated in my case.
Peer discussion is quite helpful

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