[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #131: RN Choubey Board, PSIR  Optional, Bihar Home State,

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Date of Interview: 16 JANUARY 2024, Afternoon slot, last to go
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Bihar
DAF pointers: Wo kya hota hai, no questions from hobbies etc
But anyway: Bihar, PSIR optional, Computer engineer, 2 year Software engineer at Samsung


Usual Choubey sir friendly gesture regarding how we should feel comfortable and how board is friendly. Told me to relax and ‘ENJOY’

  1. Classic 1st question of sir, tell us about your academic and work experience
  2. Told about 2 year work ex, asked question on my project and its benefit for user
  3. All of a sudden, What is agniveer scheme, its provisions etc ?
  4. Due to temporary nature, do you think soldier will be willing to put his life on risk ? We saw what happened in Afghanistan where security forces ran away

Member 1

  1. What is MPLADS scheme ? – Covid mein padha tha sir
  2. What is current status ? – Told sorry sir not aware
  3. What changes you propose ?
  4. What amount is allocated to MPs ?
  5. Are you aware about amount given in MLALAD ? – Told sorry

Member 2

  1. Countries are projecting power as it is necessary, what do you think are our biggest advantages with respect to power projection in international sphere ?
  2. I missed Diaspora point, he started talking about people of Indian origin – Rishi Sunak, Kamla Harris – asked me to name some influential diaspora people
  3. Told me that Diaspora is also a very important element – I said thankyou sir, I missed that point
  4. Asked about Haifa port, why India acquired it ?
  5. Minerals have been found near Haifa region, what mineral is it ? – Sorry
  6. Told me to read about Haifa port, US interests near that region and the minerals found near that region – I told thankyou sir, I will read

Member 3

  1. What are companies doing to get rid of electronic waste as too much electronic waste is being produced ?
  2. Tell me about Moradabad waste processing status. Le Me – Aayein, told sorry
  3. Started giving monologue regarding Moradabad, informal sector etc. Chairperson sir stopped honorable member in between and asked – WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION ?

Sir repeated the first question itself, I also had to repeat my answer 🙁

Member 4

  1. What is difference between Media literacy, Digital literacy and Information literacy ? – Heard these 2 for the first time
  2. Knew only about Digital literacy, mam asked to guess about other 2 – hence guessed
  3. What is India’s Digital Architecture – Told sorry. Mam told I thought since you are from tech background, you would be knowing it.
  4. ShikshaMitras in Bihar have filed a case in SC, due to which there has been dispute between centre and state govt, what is the issue ?
  5. What is MeToo movement ? Is it necessary ?
  6. Companies are firing women who are raising their voice in MeToo, how to tackle those companies ?
  7. What changes do you propose in India’s Urban transport system


  1. We give everyone a chance to discuss any topic which you think we have missed. Want to share anything.


Had very vague to no idea on questions like MPLADS, Digital Architecture, Shikshamitra issue, Agniveer etc. Thought its better to say sorry.

That room is something though, due to stress test environment and factual nature of questions coming out of nowhere – one becomes quite shaky which is also reflected in answers.

Took long break after interview and finally found the courage to write transcript.

Anyway, Thank you to the community for all the help and guidance. Good luck to everyone and may god bless us all. 🙂

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