[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #159: Lt, Gen Raj Shukla Board, PSIR Optional, Bihar Home State

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Date of Interview: 19th Feb, Bihar
Board: Lt, Gen Raj Shukla
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Bihar
Background: IIT Roorkee

Key words: IIT Roorkee , Bihar, patent office(DAF)

Last to go forenoon session


  1. Discussion on Electoral bond.
  2. Issue with SC decision on bond
  3. Alternative to electoral bond
  4. Can EC can be asked to manage these bonds.

Member 1

  1. Patents benchmark across the world. How India is performing at global level.
  2. Issue in patent office in India.
  3. How AI can help in these.
  4. Relation of Einstein with patent office. How it helped him.
  5. What is LEO.Should India regulate these satellite. How India can become a major player in LEO

Member 2

  1. Idealism vs Materialism
  2. Plato vs Marx
  3. Why china grew so fast. Should India adopt this model.
  4. Democracy vs Chinese model. What will you choose.

Member 3

  1. What is recession. Which countries are facing it.
  2. How to address this recession. What should government do.
  3. How to achieve growth rate of 10% in India. Which sectors we need to focus.
  4. What is urbanisation. What are the issue. How will you resolve it.

Member 4

  1. Why we focus on agriculture. Why can’t we let the agriculture grow at its own pace and focus on other sector. We can import food if there is any shortage.

Forgetting other question from member 4.

Opinion: only job related questions were asked from DAF. Cordial board

Mock: samkalp, gs score, Next ias.  It helped in gaining confidence.

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