[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #176: Dinesh Dasa Board, Physics Optional, Bihar Home State,

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Date of Interview: 01/03/2024
Board: Dinesh Dasa Sir
Optional: Physics
Home State: Bihar
Afternoon Session, 3rd to go
Medium of Interview: English

DAF Pointers: B. Tech,  IIT Delhi (2020), Katihar, Bihar, Physics Optional, Research Internships, University of Sydney, University of Groningen, HPAIR Conference Harvard University

Nothing else was asked from DAF (5-6 more pointers like contemporary dance, cricket, NSS, etc.)

Attempts: 3rd, 2nd Mains, 2nd Interview (Not recommended earlier)

Service Preference: IAS-IPS-IFS-IRS


  1. ⁃ You are from Katihar, done your B. Tech. from IIT Delhi have done internships in Sydney, Groningen and attended Harvard conference, now tell me: while arguing in a Supreme Court case examining state’s right to identify backward classes, one of the lawyers argued that it will lead to the balkanisation of the caste list. What do you mean by balkanisation and what is your opinion on that?
  2. ⁃ 3 global problems that the world is facing
  3. ⁃ Non-state actors in India
  4. ⁃ Are Khaps non state actors?
  5. ⁃ 1-2 more questions I am forgetting.


  1. ⁃ How are you?
  2. ⁃ Explain Physics, Engineering and Engineering Physics.
  3. ⁃ Tell me what all things you did in Sydney, Groningen and Harvard. More conversation on this
  4. ⁃ What all did you learn from your research experience?
  5. ⁃ We have been focussing on cutting edge research while we still face the issue of poverty, hunger, etc. Do we really need that? Good- said the member.
  6. ⁃ Is Russia a European power or an Asian power.
  7. ⁃ Sweden became the 32nd member to join NATO. What can be the implications
  8. ⁃ Was it correct for EU and NATO countries to jump to support Ukraine in the war
  9. ⁃ 1-2 more questions on Russia (No no this wasn’t Russia PSC exam)
  10. ⁃ In the starting, how many members were there in EU? I said I am not aware.
  11. ⁃ A country has constantly been applying for EU membership but hasn’t been granted yet. Which country is that and what are the reasons behind the same?
  12. ⁃ You talked about the role of non-state actors in the north east region of India, what problems did non-state actors posed to USA in the aftermath of 2003 Iraq invasion? I said I do not have sufficient knowledge about Iraq issue.
  13. ⁃ What is I2U2? What are the focus areas? Do you think after the events of 7th October, the grouping has been jeopardised?
  14. ⁃ Groningen or Netherlands in particular has this culture of bicycles, problems of it being implemented in Delhi? Can shifting to bicycles help the problem of poor AQI in Delhi? Have you gone through the AQI study conducted by IIT Delhi? Good- said the member.
  15. ⁃ Asked about some traditional rainwater harvesting system which I was unaware of and said that I do not know, similarly one question on Green Term Deposit Scheme.
  16. ⁃ Which book did you read last, apart from your preparation books?
  17. ⁃ What is constitution? What is the role of constitution?
  18. ⁃ What is Free Movement Regime? Is it still there?
  19. ⁃ How can we improve the efficiency of public service delivery? Good- said the member.
  20. ⁃ As a District Magistrate of Katihar, what will you do?
  21. ⁃ What are the powers of Zila Panchayat?
  22. ⁃ What was the 73rd CAA?
  23. ⁃ How are PRIs working in Bihar/Katihar?
  24. ⁃ How often do you visit Katihar? What changes have you observed?
  25. ⁃ You did your schooling from Scottish Public School? Is it still affiliated to Scotland? I said there was never any connection. So they just named it like that, interesting. Smiled and the chairperson said thank you.
  26. ⁃ Few supplementary questions in between which I can’t recall.
  27. A significant difference with mocks was that they gave sufficient time to speak without interrupting at all, only to be seen in Vision Bureaucratic Mock.

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