[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #45: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Board, Bihar Home State, Meditation Hobby

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Date of Interview: 12 Jan 2024
Board: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla sir
Home State: Bihar
Background: IIT, Btech Mechanical
Hobby: Meditation
Daf keywords: IIT, Bihar, Mtech in Manufacturing, Btech Mechanical, ntse, mantra meditation


  1. – so you are from IIT KGP? Long monologue – IITs were created for ……….- IITians brain drain. Not much research in India. What they are doing abroad?
  2. – my answer – about diaspora and remittance
  3. – remittance is ok. Why they are not staying here?
  4. – are they failing India or is India failing them?
  5. – my response – startup founders from IITs.
  6. – again monologue – recently I was reading a book “IITians” it talked of Chetan Bhagat, Arvind kejriwal, I was wondering – ye iits ko to research ke liye banaya Gaya tha. Kahaa aaplog pizza wizza bechne lage (I had said Swiggy, Porter, etc) 😂?
  7. – some grilling on my answer

Member 1

  1. – ntse scholar…which body gives it? How much they pay? Till what time? Any proofs you submitted periodically?
  2. – what non technical electives you took at IIT? Cross questions based on my answer “intercultural communication”
  3. – posted elsewhere? How to overcome intercultural barriers?
  4. – how intercultural barriers within 2 Indian states different from intercultural barriers between 2 nations?
  5. – subsidy vs grant
  6. – fertilizer subsidy 3 options? Best one? How will you convince the companies to comply?

Member 2

  1. – what was your M Tech project about?
  2. – cross questions based on my answer? CNT in interlayer why?
  3. – CNT USAGE where?
  4. – speciality of CNT? Where used today?
  5. – latest developments in mechanical engineering
  6. – I said iOT. He interrupted iot is electronics. You are just using that in manufacturing. Innovations in core mechanical engineering?
  7. — what is IOT? Challenges in IOT? How to overcome?
  8. – what is UPI? Challenge in UPI?
  9. – 3 farm laws why they were taken back?
  10. – Ucc pros n cons
  11. – can parliament pass Ucc without states permission?

Member 3

  1. – mantra meditation vs Chinese XYZ form of meditation (I don’t recall the name he said)
  2. – physiological changes due to mantra meditation
  3. – kosi floods – Nepal why not yet negotiated?
  4. – liquor ban? Views of different sections?
  5. – is it working? Since the ban sale of liquor in Bengal tripled? Money going to mafias? Revenue loss also for the govt?

Member 4

  1. – GDP projections
  2. – growth rate
  3. – India’s projections based on NSO?
  4. – real or nominal?
  5. – inflation rate currently?
  6. – real or nominal? 6% is what?
  7. – then why is it projected so high?
  8. – In terms of decadal growth who is ahead – India or china?
  9. – stock market indicators in India
  10. – do their growth reflect growth of GDP?
  11. – IIT education be subsidised or not?
  12. Ans. Sir it would become unaffordable for the poor sections.
  13. – subsidise only for poor ? Others can pay as per market price? Will it be ok?

Chairman – your Interview is over

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