[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #65: RN Choubey Board, Bihar Home State,

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Date of Interview: 17 Jan, Afternoon 2nd to go
Board: RN Choubey
Home State: Bihar


  1. briefly introduce ur self mentioning ur education and work experience
  2. do u think GST has benefited small business man
  3. what issues they are facing and what could be done


  1. Do u think governor are working in partisan manner as reported in papers?
  2. which state govt have complained about it name them
  3. do u think they should withheld bill?
  4. as per u what reforms u suggest with respect to withholding of bill
  5. what sarakaria commission said about art 355 and art356
  6. why bihar candidates migrate to other states for education specially STEM?
  7. what reforms do u suggest

Member 2

  1. how far river Ganga from ur home
  2. how many states it cover. Can u name major cities
  3. what govt has done to clean ganga.what we are doing with the sewage treated water?
  4. what govt has done to make ganga navigable
  5. what is the major issue. What step taken to enhance navigability in river Ganga
  6. do u know gig worker. Name few gig plateform. Are they formal or informal
  7. do u think we can eradicate corruption?

Chairman: do u really think we are remove corruption to zero

  1. What transparency measure will u take.explain with example

Member 3

  1. what is fitness as per u and what are its different components
  2. what is physical fitness as per you
  3. can u explain endurance, agility and strength to me from ur perspective with ur daily fitness experience
  4. what is colligium system and what is the issue
  5. do u think it is doing well
  6. what reforms u suggest.u are saying to make colligium decision to be put on public domains.will it not lead to public criticism of judges

Member 4

  1. what is drop irrigation and which states are using it
  2. what are bimari states and can u name them
  3. do u think bihar and jharkhand doing well post bifurcation
  4. do u think we need to tax agriculture income
  5. what about big farmer who are earning in lot whereas a normal person earning just 5 lakh is paying tax

Chairman sir: we are done with questions which we wanted to ask , do want to discuss any thing which we did not discuss

My reply: thank u sir for giving me the opportunity but sir i have nothing more to discuss

Chairman: ok then u interview is over

I thanked them all and came out

Overall: cordial board and give u time to think and answer. Rest to Choubey baba hi Jane

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