UPSC Mains 2017 Botany Optional – Test 2 : Mains Marathon

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Dear Friends,

Here is the 2nd Mains Marathon Botany Optional Test.


We have decided to move section wise with the basic understanding of each topic of every paper. We have taken paper 2, first.

So, in the Botany optional Test 1: Mains Marathon 2017, questions were based on the section A of paper 2.

And in this Botany optional Test 2: Mains Marathon 2017, questions are based on the section B of paper 2.

Likewise in the Test 3: Botany Mains Marathon, question will be from both the sections (complete paper 2).

Same we will do with paper 1. In this cyclic manner you will be able to cover the huge syllabus on weekly test bases.

In the mid-September we will do the complete paper every week so that you can get the feel to complete the paper before real exam (October 2017).

We hope you will enjoy the initiative.

Paper 2: Section B.

Topics: 1) Plant physiology.

              2) Biochemistry.

              3) Ecology.

              4) Plant geography.

Below is the test: 

Question1. Briefly describe the following in not more than 150 words each: (10 mark each)

a) Q – Cycle.

b) Activation energy.

c) Turn over number (Kcat).

d) Hexokinase.

Question2 to 20 are 15 mark each.

Question2. What is Michaelis and Mentenmodel? What are the assumptions on which Michaelis – Menten model is based?

Question3. Write the mechanism of pyruvate oxidation in the mitochondrial matrix.

Question4. How non – competitive inhibition is differing from noncompetitive inhibition?

Question5. By what mechanism energy released from respiration is used to drive the synthesis of ATP?

Question6. Write the overview of electron flow through the respiratory chain in oxidative phosphorylation.

Question7. Hexose monophosphate shunt (HMP) or Pentose Phosphate Pathway is an alternative pathway to glucose oxidation. In which location of the cell this reaction occurs also explain the function of the PP Pathway?

Question8. Draw the diagram of metabolic pathway of lactice acid fermentation and Alcoholic fermentation.

Question9.  What is ascent of sap? Explain the mechanism of ascent of sap.

Question10. Nitrate is reduced to ammonia ion before it can be assimilated by plants. How this reduction is accomplished?

Question11. Explain Biosynthesis of transport mechanism of Auxin.

Question12. What are cryptochrome? What are the functions of the cryptochrome in plant growth and development?

Question13. What are the secondary metabolites? Explain their function in plants (explain any two).

Question14. What causes stratification of lakes? Explain with the diagram.

Question15. What is succession? Explain the mechanism of succession.

Question16. How will you define the wetlands?What are the major features used to describe the wetlands?

Question17. What are differences between r-selection species and K- selection species?

Question18. Explain the bioremediation strategies.

Question19. What are the phytogeography regions of India? Discuss.

Question20. What are the rights of farmers into the Protection of Plants Varieties and Farmers Right Act (PPVFR Act) 2001 India?

All Mains Marathon Optional Questions will be updated in this page.


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