UPSC Mains 2017 Sociology Optional Study Plan and Test 1 : Mains Marathon

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Friends, Here is the 1st Mains Marathon Sociology Optional Test.

Sociology Optional Study Plan Mains Marathon

Below is the Test: Topics:

  1. Sociology – The Discipline
  2. Sociology as Science
  3. Research Methods and Analysis

Time: 1.5 hours

  • 10 questions
  • Questions include both 20 and 10 markers
  • Questions have been jumbled up to facilitate smart time management
  • 1 question from Thinkers
  • 1 application-based question
  • 1 question from current affairs (Sociological analysis)

1. “There is a greater give and take among disciplines today.” Explain with reference to Sociology as a discipline. 20 Marks 2. Using the example of ‘approach to poverty’ underline the differences between Sociology and Common sense. 20 Marks 3. Write a short note on the “intellectual ideas” and “material issues” that went into the making of Sociology.

  • 20 Marks 4. What do you mean by “Scope of Sociology”? Elucidate. 10 Marks 5. When it comes to Social Sciences, especially Sociology, achieving ‘objectivity’ in research is more complicated. Explain. Also, outline Weber’s contribution to overcome the above issue. 20 Marks 6. Which research technique(s) would be the most appropriate to study social causes of the current unrest in Jammu and Kashmir? Analyse. 20 Marks 7. Write a short note with Sociological perspective on Universal Basic Income (UBI). 10 Marks 8. “However self-reflexive the sociologist tries to be, there is always the possibility of unconscious bias.” Explain. 10 Marks 9. What are the characteristics of a good Sociological researcher? Elucidate with reference to fact, value and objectivity. 20 Marks 10. With the help of a contemporary example explain the advantages and weaknesses of Survey research method.

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