UPSC Mains Anthropology Optional Questions – Test 9

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Test 9 : Anthropology Optional Mains Marathon



  1. Define sanskritisation. Critically examine sanskritisation as mode of social change.
  2. Briefly outline the concepts of Great tradition and little tradition and their significance in the village studies in India.
  3. Write a short notes on concept of Universalization.
  4. Critically examine the impact of media in view of various social unrests of Indian society.
  5. Villages are the mirror images of Indian social system. Comment
  6. Explain the term religious minorities in India. Critically comment on socio political status of Muslims in India.
  7. Globalization has done significant good to the Indian villages despite few adverse impacts. Examine.
  8. Critically examine the forest policy of India.
  9. Discuss the problems faced by indigenous tribes of Andaman and Nicobar islands due to culture contact. Suggest few remedial measures.
  10. Write a short notes on linguistic diversity of Indian tribes.
  11. Briefly outline biogenetic variability of any two North east tribes of India.
  12. Bring out the differences between Schedule 5 and schedule 6 of constitution in the administration of Scheduled areas.
  13. What do you understand by term “PARTICULARLY VULNERABLE TRIBAL GROUPS”? Examine major problems faced by them citing few examples.
  14. Development at the cost of Tribal displacement is against Sustainable development goals. Comment with recent examples of tribal unrests in India.
  15. Discuss the impact of industrialization on the traditional handicrafts and livelihood of tribal women.
  16. Enumerate various constitutional safeguards for linguistic minorities in India.
  17. Critically analyze the problem of unemployment in hill tribes of India.
  18. Explain the importance of village studies in the study of Indian social system.
  19. What is Tribal panchasheel? Explain the significant features of this concept in administering the tribal areas.
  20. What are de-notified tribes? Write a short note on problems of de-notified tribes in India.

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