Vajra Mushti Kalaga: A martial art form in terminal decline

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Source: The post is based on the articleVajra Mushti Kalaga: A martial art form in terminal decline” published in “The Hindu” on 26th October 2023

Why in the News?

Vajra mushti kalaga is a martial art form.It has gone extinct and takes place only during Dasara.

What is Vajra Mushti Kalaga?

Source: The Hindu

Vajra Mushti KalagaIt is a Martial Art Form
MeaningThunderbolt Fist
ObjectiveNeutralize opponent and counter their weapon
Technique usedHand-to-hand combat like grappling, wrestling, and striking
Weapon usedKnuckle Duster, a small metal weapon.
Knuckle duster Material Made of animal horns and worn on the knuckles of the fighter
CharacteristicsIt is a form of wrestling different from conventional grappling.
In this, two persons take a swipe at each other’s head with a knuckle duster.
Whoever draws the blood from the opponent’s head first is declared the winner.
Popular DuringVijayanagar rulers (14th-17th centuries)
SignificanceNoticed by medieval travelers from Portugal during Navaratri celebrations in Vijayanagar empire

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