[Video] Prelims 2023 – Some basics for Everyone

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Yesterday, those of us who were in Delhi, met in Karol Bagh , in New Delhi for Prelims 2023 preparation strategy.
We also had a talk.
While I have avoided a close ended strategy – because each of us should have our own, I have tried to come up with some basic principles and philosophy, which we should not get wrong.
We now have it in video, and you can watch it below

P.S. Those of you who have trouble finishing off Laxmikant, we have come up with a summary of Indian Polity in the book – Master Indian Polity. You can take a look here at Amazon  and Flipkart.
P.P.S. I have dared to put a link to an amazon product in my email, only after our very own ForumIAS community member AzadHindFauz ( profile link ) bought the book, and has been reading it instead of “the Bible of Polity” after coming back from the Academy finishing off his Foundation Course. When I asked him why he switched, he said it would save time and did not find anything important was missed out. I hope some of you like the book.
And benefit from it.
Fingers crossed.
Until next time,
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By Neyawn

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