Wildlife Crime Control Bureau(WCCB)

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Why in News?

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau(WCCB) and Barasat Forest Range have rescued a live pangolin in Kolkata.


 Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB)

  • It is a statutory multi-disciplinary body.  It functions under the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Its responsibilities include combating organized wildlife crime in the country.
  • Headquarters: New Delhi
  • Functions: Under Section 38 (Z) of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, it is mandated to:
    • Collect intelligence related to organized wildlife crime activities. And to circulate it to the States and other enforcement agencies for immediate actions, to catch the criminals.
    • Establish a centralized wildlife crime data bank.
    • Coordinates with foreign authorities and international organization to facilitate universal action on wildlife crimes.
    • Build capacity of the wildlife crime enforcement agencies for scientific and professional investigation into wildlife crimes.
    • Assist State Governments to ensure success in prosecutions related to wildlife crimes.
    • Advise the Government of India on issues relating to wildlife crimes having national and international ramifications, relevant policy, and laws.
  • It also assists and advises the Customs authorities in inspection of the consignments of flora & fauna as per the provisions of Wild Life Protection Act, CITES, and EXIM Policy governing such an item.

Source: The Hindu

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