Approach of India and China on Nepal’s political crisis

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Synopsis: Beijing and New Delhi are adopting different approach towards China after Nepal’s prime minister decided to dissolve Parliament. 


The Supreme Court has given Mr. Oli some time to explain his actions. It is yet to decide on putting a stay on the election process. 

  • Ever since Nepal adopted its new Constitution in 2015, there have been quite a few instances where politics has reached a tipping point.
      • One of the examples is, Mr. Dahal’s walk out of a coalition government with Mr. Oli in 2016.

What is China’s stance? 

  • Beijing’s sent a senior delegation of the Communist Party of China to Kathmandu shortly after Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli’s decision to dissolve Parliament. It indicates that China is prepared to interfere in Nepal’s politics. 
  • Chinese delegation met political leaders of Nepal with a definite task of trying to reverse the split in the party and convince Mr. Oli and his rivals to patch up.
  • This move of Chinese government flickered protests in Kathmandu. Though China is at a risk of losing popular goodwill in Nepal due to this move, it is equally surprising that both groups in Nepal were willing to meet the Chinese delegation.

What is India’s stance? 

It is evident that India is not playing its traditional leading role in Nepal but it is also not facing hatred for spoiling the situation. 

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  • India has a historical understanding of the main players in Nepali politics; thus, it has chosen to be more logical and controlled.  
  • Mr. Oli and Mr. Dahal, both reached out to India and are engaging with the government about the happenings in Nepal. 
      • Mr Oli reached out to India months after the map controversy. 
      • Mr. Dahal has been a close Indian confederate during this period.

The present positive situation gives New Delhi a little more space to consider its moves, to bring instability. Stability in Nepal’s polity is crucial for their better relations with India in the long term as their prosperity is closely interlinked.

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