Swati Sharma IAS Topper Rank 15 | UPSC 2022 – Background, Preparation Strategy & Marksheet

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Swati Sharma IAS Topper Rank 15

Swati Sharma IAS topper from Satna (Madhya Pradesh)has achieved the remarkable feat of securing the All India Rank 15 in the UPSC Civil Services 2022 exam. With unwavering determination and relentless dedication, she has triumphed over the challenges and emerged victorious in clearing the prestigious exam, proving that hard work and resilience know no bounds.  

Here’s a comprehensive look into Swati Sharma IAS topper, journey, optional subject, background, marksheet and the strategies  she employed to achieve this monumental success in UPSC exam. 

Swati Sharma IAS topper, answer sheets isn’t just a collection; it’s a revelation. It provides a backstage pass to the meticulous preparation, the intellectual acuity, and the emotional fortitude required to crack the UPSC. Emulating the strategy of Swati Sharma IAS topper is an invaluable approach to fortifying your UPSC preparation. 

As you explore the answer sheets of Swati Sharma IAS topper AIR 15 of UPSC 2022, you will discover the nuances of answer writing, UPSC Syllabus, the art of time management, and the intricacies of subject mastery. 

You can download Swati Sharma IAS topper test copies that she wrote at ForumIAS during her preparation journey. 


Download link for Test Copies of Swati Sharma IAS Rank 15 UPSC 2022:

Swati Sharma Sample MGP Copy – GS Paper

Swati Sharma Sample MGP Copy – Ethics Paper

Swati Sharma Sample MGP Copy – Essay Paper


Important Highlights about Swati Sharma

Rank – 15

Attempt – 3rd

Optional Subject – Sociology

Graduation – B. Tech in Computer Science, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya

Father – Transport businessman

Mother – Homemaker


Background and Education of Swati Sharma IAS Topper Rank 15

Swati Sharma, a 25-year-old woman hailing from a modest middle-class family in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Her father is employed in the transportation sector, while her mother is a homemaker. Having obtained her engineering degree from Hitkarni College of Engineering and Technology in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh), she swiftly recognized that a corporate career wouldn’t fulfill her and, observing societal issues and the concerning state of women’s safety, she aspired to become a civil servant to effect positive change in society, thus commencing her UPSC exam preparation journey with this newfound aspiration.


Swati Sharma enrolled in the following Programs of ForumIAS:

1) MGP+ 2022

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Preparation Strategy of Swati Sharma, IAS Rank 15, UPSC 2022

On her third attempt, she recognized that despite possessing the requisite knowledge, she struggled with effectively applying it in her responses.

So, she focussed on honing her answer-writing skills and presentation, understanding that delivering information in an organized manner was crucial. These were the areas she identified as needing improvement from her previous attempts, ultimately contributing to her success in clearing the exam this time.

To ensure a balanced approach, she allocated equal time to each section, including General Studies, Current Affairs, her optional subject, and newspapers, and incorporated regular breaks to prevent study fatigue. However, her greatest challenge arose when she returned to Jabalpur from Delhi in June 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which posed difficulty in accessing UPSC study materials locally, leading her to rely on couriered materials from Delhi, with delivery times extended to around 15 days due to lockdown restrictions.

In overcoming these obstacles, she found valuable assistance in educational YouTube videos, which played a significant role in her preparation journey.

She identified her mistakes from the previous attempts and tried her best to rectify those. Swati concentrated on her presentation, adding facts and numbers to her preparation. Instead of writing in paragraphs, she used bullet points or flow charts to make it easier for the examiner to understand.

“For the interview round, I did mirror practices to improve my communication skills, so I could communicate my answers properly to the panel. I asked questions to myself and then answered them. It helped me a lot,” shared Swati.

As for her choice of Sociology as her optional subject, she opted for it due to the belief that civil servants have a responsibility to address societal issues, and Sociology provides a valuable framework for comprehending these challenges. Additionally, she noted that study materials for Sociology were readily available in the market, and the subject’s syllabus was comparatively more manageable in scope compared to others.


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