Draft policy on logistics ignores express industry

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  1. Government has released the draft National Logistics Policy.
  2. The policy has been prepared by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in consultation with the Ministries of Railways,Road Transport and Highways,Shipping and Civil Aviation.
  3. The aim of the policy is to reduce the logistics cost from the present 14% of GDP to less than 10% by 2022.
  4. However,the Express Industry Council of India(EICI) has said that the policy has overlooked the role of the express industry(courier and parcel service) and air cargo sectors.
  5. EICI has said that in developing countries such as India,an efficient air express infrastructure could contribute directly to global competitiveness of the country by ensuring just-in-time deliveries and reducing clearance dwell time.
  6. The Indian logistics sector provides livelihood to more than 22 million people and improving the sector will facilitate 10 % decrease in indirect logistics cost leading to the growth of 5-8% in exports.
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