Global Resource Outlook 2024

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Source-This post on Global Resource Outlook 2024 is based on the article UNEA-6: Extraction & use of world’s resources has grown three times more in 50 years” published in “Down to Earth” on 1st March 2024.

Why in the News?

Recently, the Global Resource Outlook 2024 report has been published by UNEP.

Key findings of the report

1. Production and consumption of resources:

i) The consumption and use of resources is largely driven by demand in upper income countries. 

ii) Global production and consumption of material resources has grown more than three times over the last 50 year.

2. Extraction and processing of material resources

i) The extraction and processing of material resources accounts for over 55 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 40 per cent of particulate matter poisoning the environment.

ii) The extraction and processing of agricultural crops and forestry products accounts for 90 per cent of land-related biodiversity loss and water stress and a one- third of GHG emissions.

iii) The extraction and processing of fossil fuels, metals and non-metallic minerals including sand, gravel and clay account for 35 per cent of global emissions. 

3. The report predicts that resource exploitation could increase by almost 60 per cent from 2020 levels by 2060 from 100 to 160 billion tonnes.

4. The report shows global inequality where low-income countries consume six times lesser materials compared to wealthy nations.

5. The report highlights that upper middle-income countries have more than doubled their resource utilization over the past five decades to facilitate their own infrastructure growth.

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