In a first, Army gets vertical wind tunnel to train special forces

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Source: The post is based on the articleIn a first, Army gets vertical wind tunnel to train special forcespublished in “The Hindu” on 26th October 2023

Why in News?

The Indian Army has installed its first vertical wind tunnel (VWT) at the Special Forces Training School (SFTS) at Bakloh in Himachal Pradesh.

Why is the Vertical Wind Tunnel(VWT) installed by the army?

Purpose: It offers a controlled environment to enable military trainees to enhance their skills by simulating real-life free fall conditions.


1. Improved Skill Development: It helps armed forces personnel enhance their abilities by simulating various freefall scenarios.

2. Stability and Safety: It reduces potential instability during freefall and parachute deployment.This makes it an invaluable tool for training beginners and advanced free-fallers.

3. Assessment: The system aids in assessing individual reactions to situations in airborne operations.

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