Must Read News Articles – August 18

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India and neighbors

‘Pangong scuffle a routine affair’: (The Hindu)

A local flag meeting between military commanders of India and China in Eastern Ladakh on Wednesday has agreed to maintain peace in the area.

Government policies

Rights groups urge India to honour duty to Rohingyas: (The Hindu)

Days after the United Nations expressed concern over the government’s plans to deport about 40,000 Rohingya immigrants from Myanmar, international human rights agencies Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called upon India to “abide by international legal obligations” and not force them to return, which they termed an “outrageous” move.

Factories Act: Centre firm on amendment: (The Hindu)

The Centre will go ahead with its proposal to amend the Factories Act of 1948 by giving flexibility to State governments to enhance the threshold limit over which a unit will be considered a factory despite concerns flagged by a Parliamentary Standing Committee.

International groupings and agreements

Redrawing the arc of influence: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Indian diplomacy needs to display higher levels of sophistication for New Delhi to play a global role.

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Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Use coal while economical, says CEA: (The Hindu)

‘Low tariffs seen in renewables don’t include several implicit costs that are so far being subsidised’.

That sinking feeling: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is still counting old notes, and unaccounted money cases are ongoing.

Breaking the shell of tax evaders: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The government should be careful in taking action against listed companies as it can affect investor confidence.

Don’t be cautious, RBI: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Central bank should be more aggressive in cutting the repo rate. It must signal that this is the direction it will pursue in the foreseeable future.

Infrastructure and investment models

Going off track: (Indian Express, Editorial)

PPP model has not succeeded in metro rail projects. New policy overlooks lessons from past ventures.

Prelims Related News

E-toll lane on all national highways from Sept. 1:

All toll plazas on national highways will have electronic toll collection facility with at least one lane dedicated to vehicles with electronic tag device, known as FASTags.

Army to get six Apache helicopters:

The Indian Army on Thursday got a step closer to having its own dedicated fleet of attack helicopters, with the Defence Ministry approving the purchase of six AH-64 Apache attack helicopters from the U.S.

Ancient species of giant sloth discovered:

Mexican scientists have discovered the fossilised remains of a previously unknown species of giant sloth that lived 10,000 years ago and died at the bottom of a sinkhole.


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