Must Read News Articles – July 21

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Should urbanisation score over conservation?: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Culture Ministry talks not of cultural heritage but of roadways, railway tracks, and private landed interests.

Social issues Re-arming the law: (Indian Express, Editorial)

In the wake of the new violence, the targeted killings bill must be revived and owned by all

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Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

‘GSTN, CBDT to share data’:

Data exchange, analytics can help stop tax evasion.

‘Cement prices may rebound with supply-demand boost’:

While improvement in the supply-demand scenario in FY18 is expected to support the cement prices going forward, sustenance of the same is critical, given the rising costs. Taxing Body Parts: (Indian Express, Editorial)

GST on aids, appliances for disabled points to government’s misplaced priorities.

Cropping pattern, Agriculture, e-technology A new (agri)culture: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Unless we quickly get our act together, we must be prepared to face the consequences. In any food crisis, it is the top of the food chain that suffers the most. In the case of farmer’s distress, the top of food chain is us — the end consumer.

Agrarian crisis: the challenge of a small farmer economy: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Government procurement at the minimum support price is supposed to protect the farmer.

  • But it mainly benefits the large traders.

    Prelims Related News

    Major solar flare detected in dwarf star close to sun:

    The Sun’s closest star neighbour, Proxima Centauri, a cool dwarf star situated a little over four light years away, may not be inclined to harbour habitable planets, if its temperament is anything to go by. AstroSat, along with other space and earth-based observatories, has detected a powerful solar flare sent out by this star.

    Aboriginals landed in Australia 65,000 years ago:

    The timing of the first arrival of humans in Australia has been studied and debated for decades. Now, researchers have found evidence that suggests the ancestors of aboriginal Australians landed in the northern part of Australia at least 65,000 years ago.

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