Must Read News Articles – July 4

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GS 1

Social issues

The organising principle of lynch mobs: (The Hindu, Editorial)

There is little cogent or visionary opposition to the decimation of India’s secular and tolerant tradition.

 GS 2

International groupings and agreements

Israel backs India’s fight on terror: (The Hindu)

Israel believes there is no difference between Pakistan-based “Lashkar-e-Taiba” and the Hamas group operating in Israel and Palestine.

All eyes now on Modi-Xi meet in Germany: (The Hindu)

All eyes are now on the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Germany later this week.

Israel to help ensure food security in India: (The Hindu)

Countries to sign strategic partnership.

Executive and the Judiciary

SC allows abortion of ailing foetus: (The Hindu)

Upholding her right to choose, the Supreme Court on Monday allowed a woman to abort her over 20-week-old foetus with severe abnormalities.

SC takes a maiden step towards paperless court: (The Hindu)

As the concept of paperless court involves various technical and functional issues, it is proposed to implement the project gradually, as it would be a new method of working for the advocates and the judges.

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Deregistered firms to face money laundering probe: (The Hindu)

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) will be roped in to probe if companies de-registered recently have been involved in money laundering.

Close vigil on GST rollout progress: (The Hindu)

Special emphasis laid on keeping prices of essential commodities under check.

Open acres: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The new hydrocarbon policy makes exploration more attractive for investors.

NPA resolution: a rough road ahead: (Live Mint, Editorial)

But the RBI’s recent move to take large defaulters towards insolvency proceedings at least shows that firm action is finally being taken.

Privatization versus anti-profiteering: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The government’s job is to allow the self-organizing principle of human ingenuity and societies to play out and remove the hurdles.

Pollution and conservation

The delta miracle: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The steady loss of mangroves in the Sundarbans makes conservation efforts vital.

Prelims Related News

Tiger reserves to remain closed during monsoon:

Tourism zones falling in the national park areas of the world famous Ranthambhore and Sariska tiger reserves in Rajasthan will remain closed during monsoon this year.

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