Must Read News Articles – June 29

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GS 1

Social issues

The costs of failing on the job creation front:

The inability to manage the jobs challenge will mean that governments will be forced to use fiscal tools to buy social peace.

 GS 2

India and neighbors

PLA constructing road in disputed territory at tri-junction, says Bhutan:

Refuting the Chinese contention that it was constructing a road at the India-China-Bhutan tri-junction in an “indisputable” part of its territory, Bhutan has said it has conveyed to the Chinese government that this is not the case.

International groupings and agreements

Promises in the Rose Garden: (The Hindu, Editorial)

In a well-calibrated programme, Prime Minister Modi’s U.S. visit reaffirmed an indispensable partnership.

Read between the US lines:

India-US relations in the age of Trump are becoming more transactional, less strategic

GS 3

Cyber security

Not much impact of ransomware attack on India, says govt.:

With the Petya global ransomware spreading to India, the government on Wednesday said it is “closely” monitoring the situation while maintaining that there has been no large-scale impact on India yet.

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Govt. to shed stake in loss-making AI:

Air India has been registering continuous net losses since over a decade.

Fighting an old battle: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The disabled have been affected by the high GST rates on essential aids and appliances.

Govt. unveils new hydrocarbon policy:

The lack of seismic sedimentary basin data had been hampering the oil and gas exploration and production sector.

Niti Aayog moots new regulator for coal, gas:

Niti Aayog has suggested creation of regulators for coal as well as oil and gas.

Sri Lanka, India to set up solar unit soon:

Sri Lanka will soon kick-start the process of setting up a solar power plant in eastern port town Trincomalee after discussions with India.

Progress in the making: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Unlike earlier initiatives, ‘Make In India’ is addressing the constraints to manufacturing sector growth.

Prelims Related News

Sea pollution blamed for mass fish death along Ganjam coast:

When urea mixes with sea water, it increases the ammonia level and drastically reduces the presence of dissolved oxygen in the water. Lack of oxygen for respiration kills the marine animals.

GSAT-17 to add teeth to ISRO satellite fleet:

GSAT-17, the country’s newest communication satellite to be launched, will soon join the fleet of 17 working Indian communication satellites in space and augment their overall capacity to some extent.


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