Must Read News Articles – September 20

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Business Of Cleanliness: (Indian Express, Editorial)

A national policy is in place; cities, state governments must operationalise it.


Government policies

‘Finalise body for Cauvery water sharing’: (The Hindu)

T.N. insists that the Supreme Court appoint an authority.

Across faiths, personal laws debated in courts and Parliament: (Indian Express, Explained)

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that instant triple talaq unconstitutional, it would appear as if Muslim law is the only such personal law that, despite being at variance with other Constitutional laws, is accorded “protection”.

How Chakmas and Hajongs settled in North East, why Arunachal worries about citizenship: (Indian Express, Explained)

Following Centre’s decision to grant citizenship to Chakma and Hajong refugees settled in Northeast, know when and how the refugees arrived from Bangladesh, and what has happened in the 50 years since.

International institutions

India calls for a representative UN: (The Hindu)

India said that expansion of the number of permanent and non-permanent members of the world body is important to keep pace with the changed times.

India and neighbors

Targeting refugees: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Centre has revealed a disturbing intent to push the Rohingya back to a conflict zone.

International groupings and agreements

New Delhi and Tokyo: Asia’s new leaders: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Instead of competing with China’s ambitious commercial activities backed by unrivalled capital, India and Japan are creating an alternative narrative.


Intellectual Property Rights

India needs to push for a new deal: (The Hindu, Editorial)

It must reopen the discussion on balancing the global intellectual property system with development.

Pollution and conservation

Do we really need interlinking of rivers?: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The river interlinking project will adversely affect land, forests, biodiversity, rivers and the livelihood of millions of people.

‘New policy may help revive interest in coal bed methane’: (The Hindu)

India has the third-largest reserves of coal in the world. Therefore, the expectation is that there is also a high potential for coal bed methane (CBM).

Infrastructure and investment models

U.S. defence firms want grip on technology in Make-in-India plan: (The Hindu)

Lockheed Martin and Boeing are among companies bidding for contracts; foreign arms manufacturers concerned over legal liabilities.

Prelims Related Facts 


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