National Rail Plan Vision – 2030

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What is the News?

The Minister of Railways has informed Lok Sabha about the National Rail Plan Vision – 2030.

What is the National Rail Plan Vision – 2030?

Prepared by: Indian Railways

Aim: To create a ‘future ready’ Railway system by 2030

Salient Features of the plan

– Formulate strategies based on both operational capacities and commercial policy initiatives to increase the modal share of the Railways in freight to 45%. 

– Reduce transit time of freight substantially by increasing the average speed of freight trains to 50Kmph. 

– As part of the Plan, Vision 2024 has been launched for accelerated implementation of certain critical projects by 2024 such as 100% electrification, multi-tracking of congested routes, up-gradation of speed to 160 kmph on Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai routes and elimination of all Level Crossings on Golden Quadrilateral- Golden Diagonal (GQ/GD) 

– Identify new Dedicated Freight Corridors and High-Speed Rail Corridors. 

– Assess rolling stock requirement for passenger traffic as well as wagon requirement for freight. 

– Assess Locomotive requirements to meet twin objectives of 100% electrification (Green Energy) and increasing freight modal share. 

– Sustained involvement of the Private Sector in areas like operations and ownership of rolling stock, development of freight and passenger terminals, development/operations of the track infrastructure.

Source: This post is based on the article National Rail Plan Vision – 2030 published in PIB on 17th Mar 2022.

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