Nausena Bhawan: Indian Navy first independent headquarters

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Source-This post on Nausena Bhawan: Indian Navy first independent headquarters is based on the article “Rajnath inaugurates new Navy headquarters” published in “The Hindu” on 15th March 2024.

Why in the News?

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh recently inaugurated the new Nausena Bhawan in Delhi Cantonment.

What is its Significance?

First Independent headquarter– The inauguration of Nausena Bhawan is a major milestone for the Indian Navy, marking its first independent headquarters in Delhi. Before, the Navy functioned from 13 diverse sites which poses coordination challenges.

About Nausena Bhawan Building Design

Nausena Bhawan
Source- The Hindu

1. Selection of design-The architectural design of Nausena Bhawan was chosen via a nationwide competition, prioritizing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

2. Building Construction– It has three wings across four stories and uses innovative construction methods for efficiency and sustainability.

3. Environment friendly– The complex is dedicated to saving energy and water by using solar power systems and advanced building materials.


1. Advanced Technology Usage:
a. Nausena Bhawan offers a pleasant indoor environment, featuring a central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system utilizing advanced oxidation plasma technology.
b. It also has an advanced integrated building management system for efficient coordination and monitoring of security and utilities.

2. Green rating and Security-The building has earned a Green Rating IV under the integrated habitability assessment. It boasts a three-tier security system comprising:

a. Automatic underbelly scanning for vehicles
b. Power fence
c. Face recognition cameras, bollards, vehicle stoppers, access control, and security cameras.

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