Pandavula Gutta- Geo-heritage site

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Source-This post on Pandavula Gutta is based on the article “‘Pandavula Gutta designated exclusive Geo-heritage site in Telangana’” published in “The Hindu” on 14th March 2024.

Why in the News?

Pandavula Gutta has recently gained official recognition as the exclusive Geo-heritage site in Telangana.

What is Pandavula Gutta?

Pandavula Gutta
Source- The Hindu

1. About– It is an ancient geological marvel older than the Himalayas.

2. Location– It is located in Jayashankar Bhupalpally district in Telangana.

3. Discovery– The discovery of this site dates back to 1990.

4. Features:
a. The site is rich in paintings, rock shelters, and evidence of habitation, spanning from the Mesolithic to medieval periods.
b. The paintings exhibit geometric designs and impressions using green, red, yellow, and white pigments.
c. The rock art paintings show animals such as bison, antelope, tiger, and leopard. They also feature shapes like the swastika symbol, circles, squares, as well as weapons like bows, arrows, swords, and lances.

What are Geo-heritage sites?

1. About– Geo-heritage encompasses geological features that hold either intrinsic or cultural importance. It provides valuable insights into the Earth’s evolution or history for earth science or educational purposes.

2. Designated by Geological Survey of India (GSI)

3. Protection– India, a member of the UNESCO Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, safeguards these sites with appropriate laws, following global standards.

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