Report on MGNREGA: Raise guaranteed days of work, says House panel

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What is the News?

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Rural Development has submitted its evaluation report on Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(MGNREGA).

What are the recommendations given by the committee on MGNREGA?

Firstly, it has recommended an increase in guaranteed days of work from 100 to 150 under the MGNREGA.

Secondly, the budgetary allocation of the scheme should be done in a more “pragmatic manner” so that there is no dearth of funds in mid-year and flow of funds for payment of wages and material share is maintained seamlessly.

Note: In Union Budget 2022-23, there has been no increase in the allocation for the MGNREGA.

Thirdly, the committee highlighted the inordinate delay in the payment of wages to the MGNREGA beneficiaries. Hence, it has asked the Department of Rural Development to take all possible measures to clear the wage liabilities as soon as possible.

Fourthly, the committee has recommended increasing the wage rates under MGNREGA by linking it with an index commensurate with inflation.

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Source: This post is based on the article Report on MGNREGA: Raise guaranteed days of work, says House panelpublished in Indian Express on 9th Feb 2022.

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