Significance of upcoming G7 summit

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Significance of upcoming G7 summit

Source: This post Significance of upcoming G7 summit has been created based on the article C Raja Mohan on PM’s first trip abroad in Modi 3.0: A chance to reboot relations with the West, published in Indian Express on 12th June 2024.

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News: After the beginning of his 3rd term, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first international trip will be to attend the G7 summit in Fasano, Italy. This visit is crucial for revitalizing India’s relations with Western nations, particularly the US and Europe.

The G7 summit, celebrating its 50th anniversary, occurs amidst growing global tensions, particularly between the Western countries and the Sino-Russian alliance. Following the G7, Modi will also attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Kazakhstan to engage with Chinese and Russian leaders. Significance of upcoming G7 summit

What is significance of upcoming global events like G7 for India?

  1. Strengthening ties with west: In the recent years, India has strengthened India’s relationships with Western nations. The G7 summit provides an opportunity to further these ties amidst new global challenges.
  2. Electoral Validation: Present government’s re-election, with a reduced mandate, holds importance for Western democracies, alleviating some concerns about India’s democratic trajectory.
  3. Enhanced Multilateral Engagement: Active participation in forums like the G7 and SCO can help India address global issues such as climate change, trade, and security.

Food and energy Security: India will also have much interest in the discussion on food and energy security, a major item on the G7 agenda in Italy. In

What are the challenges and Opportunities for Indian Diplomacy

  1. Navigating Global Tensions: The G7 summit highlights the growing rift between Western countries and the Sino-Russian alliance, presenting diplomatic challenges for India. India must adeptly navigate these tensions to maintain its strategic interests.
  2. Engagement with Adversaries: PM Modi’s participation in the SCO summit will involve direct engagement with Chinese and Russian leaders. Balancing these relationships while strengthening ties with the West is crucial.

3) Strategic Autonomy: India needs to pursue a policy of strategic autonomy, maintaining independent relations with countries like Russia and China.

What should be done?

Balancing Act: India should strike a balance between relationships with competing global powers, avoiding over-reliance on any single bloc.

Domestic Reforms and Global Image: Addressing domestic concerns regarding democracy and human rights can enhance India’s global standing and credibility.

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