Corridors of death

News: The recent deaths of Elephants in Tamil Nadu and Assam in train collisions has again highlighted the gaps in efforts to reduce man-animal conflicts in the country. Of the 29,964 elephants in India, the majority are in the southern region. What are the reasons behind it? Project Elephant division (MoEF&CC) reported unnatural killing of… Continue reading Corridors of death

‘1,160 elephants killed in a decade’

What is the News? A document accessed from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change(MoEFCC) has provided the data on the death of Elephants. What is the data provided by the document? Source: The Hindu Around 1,160 elephants were killed in the country for reasons other than natural causes in the 10 years up… Continue reading ‘1,160 elephants killed in a decade’