Big blow to China as Thailand scraps KRA canal project

News: Thailand has announced that it has decided to scrap a Chinese led-KRA canal project. Facts: Kra Canal also known as Thai Canal or Kra Isthmus Canal refers to a proposed canal project that aims to connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea across the Kra Isthmus in southern Thailand.  Significance: The canal… Continue reading Big blow to China as Thailand scraps KRA canal project

KHON Ramlila

News:The Culture Department of Uttar Pradesh government is going to organise the country’s first training and performance programme of world famous KHON Ramlila in collaboration with Thailand government. Facts: About Khon Ramlila: Khon Ramlila is a masked form of Ramlila art of Thailand that depicts the scenes of Ramlila. It has no dialogues.Only the background… Continue reading KHON Ramlila

Exercise Maitree – 2019

News:India and Thailand are all set to organize Joint Military Exercise MAITREE-2019 at Foreign Training Node, Meghalaya from 16-29 Sep 2019. Facts: About the exercise: Exercise Maitree is a joint military exercise between Indian Army and Royal Thai Army. The exercise is being conducted alternatively in Thailand and India since 2006. The exercise aims to… Continue reading Exercise Maitree – 2019

India, Thailand, Singapore’s trilateral naval drill this month

News:India, Thailand and Singapore will conduct their first-ever trilateral naval exercise in the Andaman Sea between 16th-20th September,2019. Facts: About the Naval exercise: The trilateral exercise is aimed at ensuring free and unhindered shipping flow through the Malacca Straits. The exercise would involve Indian destroyer Ranvir along with a Singapore frigate and Thai multi-purpose warship.… Continue reading India, Thailand, Singapore’s trilateral naval drill this month