The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act, 2021

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Introduced: Lok Sabha (15th Mar 2021)

Passed: Lok Sabha passed GNCTD Bill (22nd Mar 2021)

Passed: Rajya Sabha passed GNCTD Bill (24th Mar 2021)

Present Status: Assent granted. Converted to an Act

About GNCTD Amendment Act 2021


  • Define the responsibilities of the elected government and the Lt. Governor (LG)
  • Create a harmonious relationship between the Legislature and the Executive
  • To ensure better governance in the NCT of Delhi. Further, it aims to improve the implementation of schemes and programmes meant for the common people of Delhi.
Key provisions of the Act:
  • “Government” to mean “Lieutenant Governor (LG)”: The expression ‘Government’ referred to in any law to be made by the Legislative Assembly shall mean the Lieutenant Governor(LG).
  • Widening of Discretionary Powers of LG: The Act gives discretionary powers to the LG. This power is extended to LG even in matters where the Legislative Assembly of Delhi is empowered to make laws.
  • Proceedings of Delhi Assembly: The Act curbs the Delhi Assembly’s power to conduct its proceedings as per the rules of procedure made by it. It provides that the Rules made by the Delhi Legislative Assembly must be consistent with the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Lok Sabha.
  • Opinion of LG: The Act provides that if the LG specifies then the opinion of the LG must be obtained before taking any executive decisions of the Delhi Government.
  • Administrative Activities: The Legislative Assembly cannot make rules to consider matters of the day-to-day administration. Further, the Assembly cannot conduct any probe into administrative decisions. All such rules made before the enactment of this Act will be void.
  • Reserve Bills: The L-G also has to reserve bills that cover any of the matters outside the purview of the Legislative Assembly for the consideration of the President.

Source: PIB


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