[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #87 : Preeti Sudan Board, Punjab Home State, Bhangra Hobby

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Board: Preeti Sudan
Home State:
Optional: No relevance (nothing asked)
Background: PIE (Nothing asked)
Hobbies: Bhangra
Interview medium: Punjabi


  1. i ll ask in Punjabi. Other members in Hindi/English. Are you comfortable? You reply in any language.
  2. Graduation in PIE why this optional?
  3. Drug problem in Punjab causes. Solution
  4. What is speciality of your city (Khanna)
  5. Mandi Gobindgarh – why industry is in ruins

Member 2

  1. Drug issue continued
  2. Freebies in Punjab despite Huge debt
  3. How will u convince cm not to give freebies

Member 3

  1. Forest policy of India
  2. Human-animal conflict
  3. Features of NEP 2020
  4. G20 – tell something about this. India’s focus areas

Member 4

  1. Tell me about your final yr project
  2. How u got it and what was your work
  3. Tell me Newton’s 3 laws of motion
  4. If i drop 2 things at same time what will reach ground first?
  5. When do u perform Bhangra? In low or in high? (Told me it is a very good exercise and dance)

Member 5

  1. Problem of Desertion of wives by NRIs. What can be solution
  2. Should trade with Pak be started by attari
  3. Punjabi youth less in miltary – economic and social implications

Mam: Your interview is over. You can go.
Experience: Board was very cordial. Mam asked me in Punjabi and counter questions also in Punjabi. (Was saying very good sometimes)

Members sometimes laughed sometimes were in serious mood. Mam was in encouraging mood.

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