[UPSC Interview 2023] – Transcript #46: Suman Sharma Ma’am Board, Bihar Home State,

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Date  of Interview: 16th Jan , Forenoon
Suman Sharma Ma’am
Home State: Bihar
Background: Electrical and Electronics Engineer
DAF keywords: Bihar, Muzaffarpur, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Worked on wave energy conversion project, work experience in semiconductors field


  1. Why did you leave your well paying job
  2. Power sector issues
  3. Issues with Discom
  4. Offshore wind energy capacity
  5. Tidal energy projects
  6. Wave energy projects
  7. How Discom health boost will benefit renewable energy
  8. CBI general consent and some follow up questions

Member 1

  1. Caste census
  2. Muzaffarpur lichi
  3. Muzaffarpur disease
  4. Why bihar backward
  5. Special category status demand by bihar government

Member 2

  1. Connection b/w free electricity and groundwater depletion, some followup
  2. What is your backup plan in case you are not selected
  3. 2-3 other questions which I don’t remember

Member 3

  1. How would you  control communal violence if you are DM
  2. Rehabilitation in dharavi, some followup on how to make resettlement possible.

Member 4

  1. Tidal energy regulator(had no idea)
  2. One more random ques
  3. Interview time- 25-30 minutes
  4. Board was cordial. One member was speaking in low voice hence it was slightly difficult to comprehend.

Overall good experience.

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