[UPSC Interview Transcript #73] Smita Nagraj Board, Maharashtra Home State, Poems & Shayari Hobbies

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Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Board: Smita Nagraj Madam
Background: Mechanical Engineer
Optional: Geography
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobbies: Poems & Shayari


  1. Akshay, you are working as a tutor at Unique Institute. What it is?
  2. You have completed mechanical engineering and having a work experience with MNC.Don’t u feel it’s something different than expected?
  3. Which subject you teach?
  4. When did you study Geography?

Member 1

  1. Have u read some standard books?
  2. There is a thing like a shortcut to crack an examination. What are those tricks in Geography you believe?
  3. As a geographer which problem can b solved with geographical knowledge?
  4. How to ensure the development of tribals?
  5. Arnt we taking effective measures?

Member 2

  1. You are geographer,so do you know what our former PM Nehru had said to laid down development policy for tribals?
  2. What are the problems of the tribals?
  3. what should we do then?
  4. How to involve a tribe in the developmental scheme?
  5. Do you know ethnobotany?
  6. What it is? can it b use for tribal development?
  7. Up to which standard we should give them education in the native language?

Member 3

  1. How soil is affected by vegetation?
  2. You mentioned Carbon in the soil. How much is the carbon percentage in soil?
  3. Is carbon present inside the soil or not
  4. What do you think, the impact of Climate change on India particularly forest and soil?
  5. Soil erosion is there but what about the dry regions?
  6. What will be the impact on The Himalayas?
  7. What is Hotspot?
  8. Why they are known as hotspots?
  9. Which are hotspots in India?
  10. Tell me the regions most affected by the CC

Member 4

  1. Akshay, are you from Jalna?
  2. Have you heard about Lonar Lake? Where is it?
  3. What is the geological significance of it?
  4. You are a native of Marathwada. Have you heard about Razakars?
  5. Who were they? what they did? and how Marathwada got freedom?
  6. Was Marathwada a part of a Nizam ruler?
  7. So when it got freedom? Exact date
  8. What was then with the Marathwada between 1948 to 1960 when Maharashtra formed?
  9. You mentioned poems and Shayari as hobbies. What is the origin of the word Shayari? (language)
  10. What do you mean by Shayari?
  11. What is Shayari?
  12. Difference between  Shayari and ghazal


  1. So Akshay have you mentioned Shayari just as it sounds good as it is mainly related with Urdu poetry?
  2. So again back to tribals
  3. Do you know the language of few tribals? How to preserve them?
  4. Do you know of any project to preserve and conserve languages?

Ok, Thank You.

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