WHO report on “Origin of Covid-19”: India seeks more studies on virus

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What is the News?

India has welcomed the global study on the origin of Covid-19 convened by the World Health Organisation(WHO). However, India demanded initiating further studies in order to reach robust conclusions.

WHO report on Origin of Covid-19:

The report had listed “four pathways” or possible options that led to the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • A direct zoonotic transmission;
  • Introduction of the virus through another intermediate host or animal;
  • Introduction through the cold chain or food chain;
  • Laboratory incident.
What did the Global Study on the Origin of Covid-19 found?
  • The study was conducted by the World Health Organisation(WHO) in association with China.
  • The study has said that direct zoonotic transmission or the introduction of the virus through another intermediate host or animal are the most likely theories of the origin of Covid-19.
  • Moreover, the introduction of the Covid-19 through the cold chain or food chain is also possible.
  • However, the lab leak theory of the virus was “extremely unlikely”. But there was a need for further research.
India’s stand on WHO’s study:
  • India has called for a comprehensive and expert-led mechanism to investigate the origin of Covid-19 in cooperation with all stakeholders.
  • Further, India also demanded that the mechanism should be supported by an additional WHO mission. This mission should have the power to visit the Chinese sites for further studies.

China’s stand on WHO’s study:

  • China has denied the theory that there was a leak from the Wuhan lab (research on zoonotic transmissions of coronaviruses was taking place).

Source: The Hindu

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