Must Read News Articles – August 10

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GS 1

Indian society

Tryst With Inequality: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India has failed the Constitution’s commitment to social justice.

Social issues

SC seeks details of convictions under Child Marriage Act:

As the Centre said Parliament must have thought it ‘pragmatic’ to reduce the age of consent for sexual relations for married girls from 18 to 15 as the child marriage system still exists in the country.

GS 2

Government policies

‘Babri Masjid not a Sunni property’:

The Central Shia Waqf Board on Wednesday moved the Supreme Court challenging a 1946 trial court order ruling Babri Masjid to be a Sunni property.

Let’s not suspend disbelief: (Indian Express, Editorial)

The UIDAI’s touching faith in Aadhaar blinds it to the dangers of the project.

India and neighbors

‘No war, no peace’ in Doklam:

The Army has made no unusual movement or additional deployment in the Doklam area since the standoff began with China.

Castles in the air?: (The Hindu, Editorial)

India needs to carry more weight in seeing through connectivity plans with Afghanistan.

Constitutional and quasi-judicial Bodies

‘No takers for EVM Challenge’:

The Election Commission told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that its ‘EVM Challenge’ had hardly any taker among the political parties.

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

The Maduro muddle: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Venezuela, a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, currently faces rapidly declining foreign exchange reserves, poverty and hyperinflation — projected at 720% this year and 2069% next, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Issues related to governance

Working on the app-based model: (The Hindu, Editorial)

We need regulation of technology and work for workers without security nets. The line between work and jobs is often manipulated.

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Net direct tax mop up increases 19.1%:

Personal income tax collection net of refunds rises 15.7%, net corporate tax 23.2%.

Technology and spatial development in India: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Services are more urbanized than manufacturing but they are not tied to big cities—raising the possibility of their being a growth driver that can promote inclusive spatial development.

Railways gets relief from GST cut on works contract:

Contractors were seeking more money to cover the tax bill.

‘99 FDI proposals await nod’:

A total of 99 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) proposals are pending in various Ministries/Departments.


The goods exchange: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Cross-LoC trade continues to be a key confidence building measure between India and Pakistan.

Science and Tech

The march from yesterday: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Scientists should participate in a public debate on the nature of science and its practice in India.

New therapy for brain degeneration:

A single injection of a fragment of a life-extending protein hormone could improve cognition in those with neurodegenerative illnesses.

GS 4

Prelims Related News

ISRO to develop full-fledged earth observation satellite:

‘Hyspex’ imaging will enable distinct identification of objects from space.


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