Must Read News Articles – June 6

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GS 2

China lauds PM’s ‘peaceful border’ remark: (The Hindu, India and neighbors)

  • The two major countries, China and India, maintaining sound and steady bilateral relationship is of great significance.
  • China supports the NSG to have several consultations to reach a non-discriminatory and universally applicable solution.

A passage through Europe: (The Hindu, Effects of developed and developing countries policies)

  • The focus of the Modi visit was clearly on boosting trade and economic ties with Europe.
  • He wants to project India as a responsible global power interested in preserving the extant order.

‘Trade deficit with India will not hurt U.S.’: (The Hindu, Effects of developed and developing countries policies)

  • Contribution of India to the overall U.S. trade deficit is too low to create any significant adverse impact on the American economy.
  • U.S. is among the few countries that India has a trade surplus with.

India to weather Qatar storm now: (The Hindu, Effects of developed and developing countries policies)

The decision by seven West Asian countries, led by Saudi Arabia, to cut all ties with Qatar would have “no impact” on Indian interests.

Diplomatic mayhem: (The Hindu, Effects of developed and developing countries policies)

The dramatic decision by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen to suspend diplomatic ties with Qatar could have far-reaching economic and geopolitical consequences.

No country for triple talaq: (Indian Express, Government policies)

  • India must scrap the practice, as many Muslim nations have done.
  • Triple talaq is an enormity. it is a legacy of a pre-Islamic Arabia.

GS 3

NSG without wings for 2 years: (The Hindu, Security)

  • The NSG was set up in 1984 as a federal contingency deployment force to tackle terrorism.
  • It requires air mobility to cover short distances in case of a terror attack, but the force has been without a helicopter for two years.

On World Environment Day, India has 499 reasons to cheer: (The Hindu, Pollution and conservation)

  • 313 species of animal and 186 of plants have been discovered from various areas of the country last year.
  • The geographical distribution of the new plant species reveals that most discoveries were made in the Western Ghats (17%), followed by the Eastern Himalayas (15%).

India rejects Trump’s allegations on Paris pact: (The Hindu, Pollution and conservation)

India on Monday rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s allegation that it had joined the Paris climate agreement for a large financial incentive.

The case for a rate cut: (The Hindu, Planning, development and employment)

  • Growth in GVA for the year as a whole, at 6.6%, is in line with estimates prior to demonetisation.
  • How should the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) respond?

Finessing data collection: (The Hindu, Planning, development and employment)

The government has recently set up a task force headed by the Vice-Chairman, NITI Aayog to recommend a methodology to generate timely and reliable employment data.

GM Mustard should not go the BT Brinjal way: (Live Mint, Science and Tech)

  • BT Brinjal, developed by two public agricultural universities, was approved for commercial cultivation by the genetic engineering approval committee (GEAC), a statutory body.
  • The flowers of mustard are bisexual and therefore if the seeds set in one of the parental line (female line) has to be a result of pollen coming from the other parent (male line).

Maha farm crisis: (The Hindu, Cropping pattern, storage, marketing, e-tchnology)

  • Reforms that de-risk agriculture are required for a long-term solution to agrarian distress.
  • At the root of the crisis is the steep fall in the prices of agricultural goods.

Taming the inflation monster: (The Hindu, Planning, development and employment)

  • A moderate price inflation is a sign of a healthy economy with sufficient demand to keep everyone employed.
  • Adoption of a rules-based monetary policy mandate central banks to maintain a stable rate of inflation.

MPC — you are not in D-School any more: (Indian Express, Planning, development and employment)

MPC broadly hinted that it was going against its own mandate of targeting headline inflation and was now considering targeting core inflation.

Prelims Related News

India successfully fires heaviest launch vehicle:

  • India on Monday leapfrogged into a select group of nations having their own indigenous cryogenic engine technology.
  • GSLV MkIII-D1 places heaviest satellite GSAT-19 into orbit.

NSE opens bourse at GIFT City:

  • Trading to be allowed on derivative contracts.
  • The exchange will see trading on derivative products based on stocks, indices, precious metals and currencies.
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